Friday, 28 January 2011

The Simple Life

Its been a tough few months since I was last spouting off on here. To be honest I've not had time to post or to be fair actually felt that I have anything interesting to write. Thanks to now having to start leading a more frugal life than last year, the clatter of pots and pans can be heard night and day round our way and I'm slowly getting back into writing down my witterings on all things food related.

The flat has now turned into Piccadilly Circus on a weekend with friends and family dropping round to share a pot of tea and on the off chance of some late breakfast. My new favorite weekend breakfast dish at the moment is the humble leeks on toast. Totally inspired from a lunch last year at the Railroad Cafe and a small plate from St John Bread and Wine (which was possibly one of the best things I ate last year). A some what light dish, which surprisingly ticks every breakfast box especially with a poached egg on top of the buttery leeks. It even clears the aftermath fugs of hard and busy weeks on a Saturday morning with a pot of tea and the weekend papers. Oh and its a really really easy dish to make - you see I'm easing my way back into all this very slowly !

Leeks on Toast 

Slice of Sourdough

1 - 2 leeks depending on size
1 Egg
Fresh thyme
Dijon Mustard
Maldon & White Pepper

1.  Toast slice of Sourdough
2.   Slice the leeks as thinly as possible
3.  Melt a knob of butter, don't scrimp with the butter the more the better as the leeks taste better with the     more butter you add in my opinion
4.  Let leeks sweat down in the butter for a couple of minutes and then add the fresh thyme.
5.  Sweat for a few minutes more, so that leeks are fully sweated down
6.  Add a small spoon of Dijon if your feeling in that kind of mood and cook for a few moments more
7.  Place leeks on top of Sourdough, and place a poached egg on top if wanting something more substantial. (I would let you know how to poach an egg but to be honest my method is unorthodox and I have been repeatedly told off on many occasion for it not been the correct way  - so I'm not going to share my method !)
8.  Enjoy with a pot of tea and the weekend papers

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  1. Got to love buttery leeks :)

    Also, I for one would be delighted to hear your poached egg technique!