Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Okay,  I admit that I stupidly decided that I wasn't going to go to Glastonbury this year. Deciding that I wouldn't peruse an opportunity to work or even to buy a ticket to go to the festival, was quite a big step. Deciding I was finally to old to be kicking around and causing mischief at festivals. I was happy, in fact proud, that my summers didn't consist of traveling the summer months in a trannie van with a group of boys selling goods to festival goers. The reality is, I am absolutely gutted that I didn't pull my finger out and get a ticket of some kind to the greatest festival on the earth.

We use to leave London half way through June and wouldn't return until mid September, apart from a couple of days here and there. To say that we ate well whilst gallivanting around the countryside, is a massive lie. On a good day, our diets consisted of service station sandwiches, crisps, bacon butties, cups of strong builders tea and not much else. Breakfasts were unheard of in those days, and if by some strange incident we were awake at that hour the breakfast of choice was usually a warm can of larger and a rollie. Later to be named by the motley crew as a 'Breakfast of Champions'.

To combat the misery of not going to Glastonbury I went out on Friday night and drank a copious amount of gin and woke up on Saturday morning feeling a little worse for wear. There was only one thing for it and that was to make a breakfast fit for a proper champion.

The other week I was lucky enough to be given a free ticket for Taste of London in Regents Park . I got there quite late after a busy day at work and by the time I got there I was Hank Marvin. I met up with some fellow foodie friends to have a wander  around and taste some wonderful food cooked by some of the country's finest chef's and meet some suppliers. After consuming too much gin at Sipsmith 's stall, I was steered in the direction of clonakilty blackpudding   exhibition and forceably had a pack containing both their fabulous white and black puddings handed to me. I completely forgot that had this pack left in my fridge and couldn't contain my excitement, once the gin haze had disappeared on Saturday morning when I remembered. For that mornings 'Breakfast of Champions' wasn't going exist of warm larger and a rollie,oh no - only the best Irish Black pudding would do that morning.


Breakfast of Champions
Serves one 


6 thick slices of Black Pudding 
1/2 White Onion peeled and diced 
1 Potato peeled and diced 
1 Egg 
Maldon and black pepper

1. Place diced potato in to a pan with water and par boil for 8 minutes.
2.Heat the oil in a frying pan and add the potato gently fry off to reach a golden colour.
3. After a few minutes add the onion and black pudding and fry gently for a further 4 minutes.
4. Season with Maldon and black pepper
5. Transfer the onion,potato and black pudding to a plate and keep warm under the grill.
6. Fry the egg in oil, once done place on top of the onion, potato and black pudding mix and eat straight away.

Defiantly a 'Breakfast of Champions', so much so it 'll put hairs on your chest !

clonakilty blackpudding was some of the best black pudding I've ever tasted. It reminded me a lot of the black pudding I tasted in San Sebastian in the Basque region of Spain. Mainly because of the texture, I think  this is because Clonakilty use pin head oats in their puddings - a good choice in my opinion. Needless to say though, I will be attending the next Glastonbury Festival. I have decided that your never to old to enjoy a bit of what you fancy every now and again.

Photo of Glastonbury festival used courtesy from the offical Glastonbury festival website.


  1. I love Black Pudding, and this looks awesome.

    Unfortunately, none of the rest of my family does - yet...

  2. This looks gorgeous - I love a cup of builders tea too. definitely the antedote for the 'gin vapours!'

  3. Well, I wonder who could have been so mean as to force that on you?! Glad you enjoyed :)


  4. thanks for all your lovely comments

    Fourstar - you are always welcome to come round to miine and eat black pudding when ever you want

    freeRangegirl - one of the only ways to get rid of the Gin vapours for sure

    Eatlikeagirl - thanks for making sure I came away with a pack of this pudding it wasamazing

  5. You should devise a 'breakfast of Champignons' just cause it sounds good and tasty of course!