Saturday, 24 April 2010

Supper Club Suppliers #1 - Syd the Baker

We always use to use St John Sourdough at our Secret Supper Club. well we use to, up until the Boy Wonder went on his adventures to Sweden. Mr Henderson's and Mr Piers Gellatly's Sourdough bread is the best bread I have tasted. I not going to write a load of adjectives describing how great it is. Its the best bread I have ever tasted, that's all there is to be said on the matter. 

These days I just don't have enough time to get to either Clerkenwell or Spitalfields on the run up to a Secret Supper to go get the Sourdough from St John. I voiced my concerns about not been able to get really good Sourdough Bread in Hackney, to a good friend and another supplier of the Supperclub and thankfully he pointed me in the direction of Syd the Welsh Baker. 

Syd use to bake bread in London for many years, but moved back to the valleys a few years ago. Unfortunately for Syd , but great for me, Syd and his family have to move back to London and thankfully have started baking bread again in Crinklewood. He is now selling  his bread at Stoke Newington Farmers Market, run by Growing Communities , each Saturday between 10 - William Patten Primary School on Church Street.

Going to see Syd brightens up each Saturday, a cheerful man who is willing to stop and talk to you even if there's a long queue forming behind you (which there always is).Syd will happily pass on advice of what bread is suited to certain dishes and to recommend something that you have not thought of, as well as explaining the different types of bread that he bakes.  Fingers crossed he's going to let me go and help out soon at the bakery for a day to pick up new skills and knowledge.

So I urge people to go buy a loaf of bread off him soon. Why settle for a loaf of bagged processed yeast and flour with some many additives and sugar thrown in to keep it fresh, when you can go buy a loaf of bread off Syd that will taste amazing and keep for nearly a whole week. 

Bless him, he even threw in a couple of free croissants in with my bread order this morning, to which I replied I thought that he was amazing. Humble as ever he reply was " why, no one has ever said that about me before", mind you it was said with a grin on his face.

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