Sunday, 18 April 2010

A year old but none the wiser

It's a year to the day since we started the Green Onion Supper Club. In some respects time has flown by and things have changed (for the better I may add). But with any story there have also been some troughs along the way, mainly the departure of one half of the original Green Onion duo to new adventures in Sweden (just don't tell him, I said that).

The celebrations were a low key affair, a quick swoop on Columbia Road, followed by a couple of pints of ale on Broadway Market and  a glass of lady petrol and some fresh oysters at the Towpath on Regents Canal in the sun.

A  good day all round  .......

Apart from the fact that I now resemble a bar of nougat - one half white and the other side a salmon pink, all because I forgot to put sun cream on.

Would just to say thanks for everyone who has helped out over the past year. Whether its coming and eating our food, lending chairs and tables, painting walls and ceilings, friends who came first of all and told their friends, waitressing, the borrowing of oven space, taking the piss out of me and not let me take things so seriously or even just making me smile and laugh. THANK YOU.


  1. Congratulations! Here's to Green Onions, farmer's tans (I got one!), and loadsa lady petrol :)

  2. Thanks - the lady petrol hasn't helped the farmer tan at all may I point out, was hoping it was going to anesthetize me !

  3. Go Girl!!
    You've done so well and you have made such great achievements - I drink to you

    Uyen x